NASDAQ Quant Trading Strategy

Company: Tokenizer & SureFire Capital

Asset Type: Finance

Sharpe Ratio: 2.22

Total Return: 125.27%
Annualized Yield: 41.63%
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Tokenizer, in partnership with SureFire Capital, is pleased to offer a short term buffered note with a very solid yield and the protection of an equity buffer.

Coin Abbreviation: NQT
Token Type: ERC20
Participation: USD, CAD, BTC, ETH, GBP, EUR
Cannot Participate: ADA
KYC: Yes


Proceeds of the note are invested in a quantitative absolute-return strategy that seeks to profit in all market environments, allowing for an attractive risk-adjusted target return.

Watch the replay of Tokenizer's webinar with SureFire Capital's CEO Ariel Shlien discussing all things buffered notes! Link

10% Fixed-Coupon Paid Quarterly

10% Equity Buffer

Strategy Performance Metrics



The Investment strategy consists in an absolute return quantitative trading strategy that seeks to profit in all market environments by identifying market pricing and behavioral patterns by actively trading the Nasdaq-100 index through mutual funds, using a portfolio of algorithms and a weighted average approach.

On average, the portfolio has either long or short market exposure > 95% of trading days. Market exposure is adjusted > 90% of trading days (adding or reducing market exposure)


SureFire invests into the underlying strategy through a Separately Managed Account

The Portfolio manager uses first-class cloud server and redundant backup technology. The two co-founders can manage the portfolio and execute the strategy independently, with multiple access points for portfolio management and trade execution

The portfolio is adjusted almost daily based on multiple proprietary trading signals and the proprietary algorithms are based on historical market tendencies (not predictive) with a diversified suite of algorithms that is used to mitigate reliance on any one single trading signa


Team Leadership & Portfolio Manager

SureFire is an Alternative Investment Family Office that pursues trust-based relationships, among a private global community of 1,100 investors.

The underlying Portfolio Manager is highly experienced and institutional quality with registered investment advisors with 30 years of combined investment management and trading experience across several quantitative strategies.

The combination of (1) historically low correlation and consistent outperformance in all market environments plus (2) SureFire’s equity buffer offers lenders access to an outsized return potential with meaningful downside protection.

“We find outperforming Portfolio Managers and invest our own capital as well as offer co-investment opportunities that emphasize true alignment of commitment, participation costs, and structure.”

Ariel Shlien, M.S.M., is CEO of SureFire Capital.

Team Members

Ariel Shlien

CEO - SureFire Capital


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The above descriptions regarding the Portfolio Manager’s investment decision process, risk management and portfolio management practices, and volatility characteristics are derived solely from the Portfolio Manager, and although thought to be reliable, has not been independently verified and cannot be guaranteed. SureFire makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. The pro forma performance results reflected in the table above represent the Portfolio Manager’s actual net performance, as reported by the Portfolio Manager. All the underlying performance and fee information has been provided by the Portfolio Manager, and although assumed to be reliable, has not been independently verified by SureFire and cannot be guaranteed. SureFire makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. The actual rates of return for investors in this strategy may differ. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. The performance results reflected on the tables are based on the assumptions noted for each chart and are net of: (i) fees and incentive allocations to the portfolio manager, and (ii) transaction costs and other expenses incurred by the portfolio manager. The leverage assumptions, if any, reflected on the tables above as well as accompanying tables can have a significant effect on performance results, and is not necessarily indicative of actual leverage used by the portfolio managers during those periods, and is subject to change. This Presentation, and the information set forth herein and in related disclosures, does not constitute an offer or solicitation to invest in this Strategy or any investment vehicle managed by SureFire. There are substantial risks to investing in the Strategy and all interested parties should carefully consider them prior to investing. Past performance is neither indicative nor a guarantee of future results. No assurance can be made that profits will be achieved or that substantial losses will not be incurred.