Bohr Crypto Arbitrage Fund

Company: Bohr

Asset Type: Finance

Sharpe Ratio: 5

Total Return: 76.81%
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The Bohr Crypto Arbitrage Fund us a quantitative arbitrage fund. They use mathematical formulae to capture behavior patterns, inefficiencies, and arbitrage opportunities in the market.

Coin Abbreviation: BCAF
Token Type: ERC20
Participation: USD, CAD, BTC, ETH, GBP, EUR
Cannot Participate: ADA
KYC: Yes


After two years of strategic testing, the fund launched in June 2020 as one of the only crypto derivatives arbitrage funds in the world. Such funds are only possible thanks to recent developments in crypto derivative products, coin security, data, and cloud computing.



The portfolio consists of longs and shorts of the most liquid coins and their derivatives. The majority of the fund's positions and transactions are in crypto derivatives instruments. They do not take fundamental views on any coin.

Risk Management

The algorithms are developed by their technical team and implemented in a secure cloud computing environment. Each routine is extensively tested and subject to strict risk controls on both the individual and portfolio levels to deliver the desired level of risk.




In its first thirteen months, the Bohr Arbitrage Crypto Fund has returned 76.81%, with a daily Sharpe ratio of 5. Bohr’s returns are uncorrelated to any and all assets. Its performance is strong in up and down markets.

Team Members

Ragnar Janér

Founding Partner

Marco Avellaneda

Board of Director

S. Nicholas Walter

Board of Director

Renato Ramalho

Board of Director

Matheus Torres Guinezi

Chief Technology Officer


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