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XR Web


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Blockchain for AR and Spatial apps

Token Sale Ended:

November 24, 2020

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Token Sale Details

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ETH, BTC, BCH, USDT, STEEM, Paypal, All Fiats , Bank Wire

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455.000.000 XR



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25,000,000 USD



Token Sale End:

November 24, 2020



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XR Web is a decentralized network protocol that converts our physical space into a secured and encrypted three-dimensional internet space where content and applications can be projected, displayed and transacted.

We are building the core infrastructure and SDK upon which various dapps can be built including XR Gaming, Social Media, Real estate, Advertising, ride sharing, home-sharing, retail insurance, etc. XR Token is used to access XR dapps and stake on XR Web.



Idea conception Acceptance in DMZ Accelerator Zone in Toronto Canada Plug & Play Accelerator, Silicon Valley

2019 Q1

Creation of XR Token XR Web leasing app - MainNet 0.5 Preparation of Token sales

2019 Q2

XR Token Sales

2019 Q3

Listing in Exchange#1 API release for XR Web apps in Javascript

2019 Q4

Listing in Exchange#2 Unity SDK The auction, bid and sell XR Stakes

2020 Q1

Listing in Exchange #3 XR Conference - Venue TBD Virtual Reality Experiences Integration

2020 Q2

XR VC Fund starts collecting applications

2020 Q3

Self - Serve Advertising Engine

2020 Q4

Pilot with Smart Glasses Partner XR Spatial DNS (open source)


API in various languages for XR Web transactions and staking API in various languages for XR Advertising SDK for various platforms XR Conference - Venue TBD

Team Members
PictureNameRoleCountrySocial link
Shalin VermaSocial profile
Emanuele FerrariAdvisorSocial profile
Mauro AndriottoAdvisorSwitzerlandSocial profile
Giovanni CasagrandeICO AdvisorSocial profile
Dmitry PsheninICO AdvisorSocial profile
Jonathan DunsmoorLegal AdvisorSocial profile
Jeremy WrightBlockchain Growth AdvisorSocial profile
Kyle WhiteBlockchain Community AdvisorSocial profile
Lise WagnacICO AdvisorSocial profile
Jeremy KhooBlockchain AdvisorSocial profile
Hap KloppBusiness AdvisorSocial profile
Francis IfegwuDirector of ContentNigeriaSocial profile
Ana AnbuselvanChief Innovation OfficerSocial profile
James ScholzChief Communications OfficerSocial profile
Idris-El-FeghiChief ScientistSocial profile
Bogdan SizovDirector of BlockchainSocial profile
Jas KhehraChief of Blockchain PartnershipsSocial profile
Haw LengChief Growth Officer
Sanjay ChaudhuriCTOSocial profile
Manindra MajumdarCEOSocial profile
PictureNameReviewTeam RatingVision RatingProduct Rating
TO Brian| Avantages | Projet intéressant sur le papier. Pourrait permettre de créer un internet en 3D. Sera accessible avec n'importe quel smartphone. Les revenus des publicités seront partagés avec les créateurs de contenu. Les investisseurs et les utilisateurs peuvent placer leurs tokens dans certaines zones géographiques et obtenir une part des revenus provenant des publicités ou des transactions dans les applications. Plateforme 100% décentralisée. Lien github public Collaboration avec Steemit, l'ICO a donc un certain succès sur cette plateforme. ​ | Inconvénients | Vouloir créer une nouvelle "forme d'internet" semble peu réalisable. Trop peu de hype et de communication pour un projet aussi grand. Peut-etre un trop grand nombre de choses à faire. Projet qui en est seulement à ses début333
Jonathan FianuGreat concept and potential in a burgeoning space - Blippar x What3Words - targeting all sorts of dapps. The WP is clean & engaging with a good team and strong partners. Will continue to watch.454
Maksym VysochanskiyGofindXR is looking interesting project. Great ambition and vision. Also, good that they proceeded with KYC verification. However, there are some doubts about how they can beat such big competitors like Google with their Google Maps. Lastly I am not sure why they decided to add so many advisors to their team.444
Naviin KapoorGo Find XR team has a blend of mixture, but I do not find any social link for Haw Leng, Chief Growth Officer. Vision of the company is also clear and maintaining code on Github. Disclaimer: Kindly do your due diligence and analysis before doing investment in any ICO.445
Ian ScarffeGofind XR looks like an interesting project, they have a good team, including an extremely high number of advisors (20?). They have a solid vision, and the product looks good, although there are some big names to compete against.444
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